Abstracts and poster sessions


Abstracts submission deadline: 31 July.

Abstracts will be registered using the on-line system. The detailed submission guideliness will be provided soon. Abstracts submitted to the conference will go through a blind, peer-reviewed process carried out by an international review panel. Final selection of abstracts will be made by members of the Scientific Programme Committee.

Poster sessions - multimedia presentations

Submission deadline: 31 July


  • Poster format:
    Digital format - JPG or PNG images
  • Display mode:
    Posters will be presented on LCD 55” display
  • Slides:
    Static slides, no animations, 3 to 5 slides per topic
  • Photos and images:
    Only JPG or PNG files
  • Video files:
    No video materials
  • Image proportions and layout:
    9x16, PORTRAIT layout
  • Screen resolution:
    1080x1920 (W x H)
  • Posters submission deadline:
  • Submission mode:
    On-line form, detailed guideliness will be provided soon

It will be possible to provide the poster files during the conference. However, early on-line submission allows the organizers to check the validity of images and the presentation process.

In any case, we strongly advise uploading the presentation to pen drive and take it to the poster session with you!

contact info

  • address: Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79, 00-697 Warsaw
  • phone: +48 887 444 458 (IN ENGLISH)
  • email: icmm@assg.pl
  • email: hanna@assg.pl

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